All Bodies are beautiful in any form.
However, regardless of body shape, everyone has concerns about the body skin and wants to improve its condition. LVBD is a brand that specializes in body care that helps people improve their own bodies. We are inspired by the real lives of women and listen to hidden concerns about the body skin so we can solve the issues together.
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Did you ever have trouble with body skin problems such as chapped skin on the buttocks, acne on the back, or keratosis pores on the thighs during adolescence? Unlike skin problems on the face, everyone has had a hard time finding products that will help them manage these issues on their own.

From folk remedies only you have tried to expensive clinical care that left you with bitter memories, body care also needs a friendly and experienced expert. We need care created by experts who can share their experiences and talk openly about various concerns over changes in the body and skin.
Your body is full of wonderful things!


by real life

Beauty means looking healthy!
Body skin is affected by the external environment such as seasonal changes, clothing, behavior, lifestlye, and inevitable life events such as growth or pregnancy. Since problems are different for each part of the body, a highly functional product specialized for each part is required.

However, most body care products only have the name "body," and compared to the features of existing facial care products, there is no difference. Some products are very expensive, and some are created to change the shape of the body, such as slimming or anti-cellulite products.

There are people who want to take care of facial skin but are worried because there are no products or customized guides. Some people feel a sudden change in the body at some point and realize that the area they usually care about has become more noticeable. We have thought a great deal about these concerns and have conducted numerous tests to create products that quickly and easily take care of the body.


Next Big Thing

LVBD provides products that are optimized for body care through an active ingredient and content matching algorithm based on body map data, the classification data for body skin diseases according to the characteristics of each body part and external environmental factor. LVBD also analyzes commerce where people purchases personalized body care products, community sharing body care concerns, and customer=specific information. LVBD consults and analyzes body skin concerns and provides information for skin improvement and a healthy lifestyle.