To my buttocks, always working hard
LOVBOD  ·  2021-03-31

"If he turns on heated seats before I get in the car, does he like me?"

“If he turns on heated seats before I get in the car, does he like me?” When the cool wind starts to blow, many people start asking if it is a sign of feelings or just kindness when the other person turns on the heated seats just before this person gets in the car. Of course, in the online date counseling contents and also the people around me. The story of the heated car seats which appears when the season comes and becomes silent when the season leaves is now a topic that is necessary to discuss about every season.


I thought of the buttocks for the first time while looking at the obvious contents that came up last week. Whether it is just from kindness or feelings, how many times did I paid attention to my buttocks while other people took care about the warmth of it. I felt sorry to my buttocks, flattened by the upper half of my body and the hard seat for more than 8 hours in an uncomfortable pants. My buttocks, even though it has never seen the upper half of the body, it is always bearing the tiredness of the shoulders as well. Maybe my buttocks carried the most burden in my body. (Some people might say it’s the ‘foots’) However, I want to say it’s the ‘buttocks’ which is always sitting and working. What is for sure is that no matter how the time is spent, majority of the people are sticking their buttocks and sitting somewhere or resting. These two buttocks have been bearing all my wrestlings. I suddenly felt the compassion towards my buttocks and was thankful. I have decided to look after my buttocks with all my heart which I did not pay attention all this time.


However, in this 21st century, I do not want to wait for someone to turn on the heated car sheets. I want to give my buttocks which is always working hard, a great gift right now. As if our minds are read, a mask pack which is attached on the buttocks has appeared. ‘Bumbum Mask’ from LOVBOD is an item with patented ingredients which gives elasticity to the irritated skin of the buttocks. Thanks to the hybrid type(It might be a little strange but you can just think of it as a bigger and rounder pain reliving patch) where the essence does not leak out, you can move around freely with your casual outfits after attaching it. The advantage of it is that the packs have good elasticity, width being able to expand to 30% which completely sticks onto one’s buttocks size and curves without any space. Not only that but it contains warming ingredient which helps in blood circulation and the warmth not only loosens up the buttocks and the body but also the mind.


At the end of this winter, instead of failing to sleep, thinking about the heated car sheet service you received from someone, how about giving your buttocks the bumbum mask with love. Maybe a duty to be done for the buttocks which have also done another great job today. Maybe it’s for the buttocks who silently worked hard today, Or impressed by the warm care they’ve never had in life, my buttocks may endure me harder. To my buttocks, Hope you do well tomorrow just like you did today!

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