Ginger, super food for our skin
LOVBOD  ·  2021-03-31

We feel in our bones that it is time to enjoy warm teas when the wind roughly passes by the cheeks and our throats feel scratchy. Until last year, I often drank grapefruit tea or tangerine tea. I don’t know why but I have been drinking ginger tea which I didn’t used to drink a lot on this year.  Maybe it could be because Of the cold weather compared to last year, heavy snow after quite some time or because my taste buds matured just because I grew an age older. After work, throwing myself in the electric pad after reading a book while drinking a warm cup of ginger tea, you can easily feel happiness. Feeling Languid in addition to the sweet and spicy taste is one of the fastest ways to experience Heaven. The enhanced immune system is like a gift that comes with it.

Normally, ginger plays an assisting role in food as it is mostly used as a spice, but for the skin, it becomes the main ingredient. According to ‘The Analects of Confucius’, Confucius also ate at every meal to warm his body up, so the effect has already been proven. Since ancient times, ginger played a role as a sedative, used as a digestive or inflammatory medications but it is said that not only the inside of the body, but it also has an effect that calms down irritated skins.


Ginger, known as superfood, contains more than 40 antioxidants, which contain various nutrients, detoxifies the body, improves blood circulation, and slows the aging of the body, including skin and hair. These antioxidants come from Gingerol(6-gingerol) which is a biological compound originated from the roots. Gingerol, a sweet and spicy ingredient in ginger, not only minimizes skin damage caused by UV protection, but also strengthens skin barriers by preventing face flushing, blackheads, and loss of wrinkled moisture. Especially if you mix lemon or honey, it is more effective for improving skin texture and tone-tone-up. Through recent researches that concentrated ginger extract suppress gene expression on the irritated parts, it is being paid more attention on its effect of relieve of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Ginger, which knows its efficacy and tastes better, is an all-around food that is good for skin health as well as blood circulation and digestion. However, people suffering from diseases such as high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, and gastritis should be careful when eating because they have characteristics such as increasing body temperature or widening blood vessels.

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