I am the walking factory of dead skins?
LOVBOD  ·  2021-03-25

These days, it seems that winter is hesitating to leave us. Because of the fickle weather, it is always confusing whether to put the winter coat and padded jumper back into the closet or wear it for a few more days. Nevertheless, the temperature is rising little by little and the dryness that has been annoying me doesn’t seem to go away. Due to extreme dry skin, if I get a little lazy with applying lotion to my calves and arms, I see a bomb of dead skins which arose in white. Doesn’t everyone experience this once in a lifetime? Facing unwelcome white skin cells when taking off black stockings or dark pajamas during dry and windy winters.


So how much dead skin cells do we drop everyday? According to data, a person drops 500 million dead skin cells a day. (30,000 every minute, therefore, 200 million every hour)At first, after facing this enormous number, I looked around and counted the number of people in the office and suddenly felt uncomfortable. I even felt scared thinking of the dead skin cells flying in the air every time someone walks. Even at this moment, while I’m thinking about some non-sense, I would also be dropping the dead skin cells whether they are seen or not. There will be no exceptions to creating dead skin cells even if I feel uncomfortable or the team members who know nothing. We are all dropping dead skin cells without resting.


Then what should we do with dead skins? Are there any ways to produce less of the dead skin cells? First of all, dry skins create dead skin cells due to lack of adequate moisture and sebum.

So it is needed to apply a thick layer of moisturizer to sooth and is better to remove cream and dead skin cells together. It is not good to exfoliate(remove  dead skin cells) excessive or prolonged. It can damage the oil layer which protects the moist. After exfoliating, you should take special care in moisturizing. Just like the dry skin, for the sensitive skin as well, you should exfoliate after softening up the dead skins with the moisturizer but you should be more careful with exfoliating for sensitive skins. Skin irritations caused by exfoliation could rather cause adverse effects. On the other hand If dead skins are not removed at the right time, they could block the pores and cause acne upon the build-up of sebum. Also, it is better to pay attention especially for the chest and back which have many sebaceous glands and end with balancing by providing enough moisture and nutrients.


If you choose a product that fits your skin type or condition and pay attention to moisturizing, exfoliation will easily finish.  However, the process of removing dead skins is an artificial process, therefore, avoiding products with large grains is a way to minimize skin irritation.


Surprisingly, 50% of the dust in our home is dead skin cells.  I still do not understand how those little white things tangle up with each other to become a bundle of grayish dust.

It’s February and we’re in-between seasons.

If you care about exfoliating and moisturizing your skin and bronchial tubes, wouldn’t the factory of our dead skins take a break?


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